1974 FMC Motorcoach 2900R
Coach serial number 00477 was produced in
November 1973. In 2006 it was bought from a FMC
specialist and dealer Illinois. It was a low mileage
very original complete coach, but with a lot of rust
damage from leakages,  and  in quite poor
condition from sitting unused outside in the
elements for years.

The coach had some initial repairs and
maintenance done by Motorcoach Restorations  
before we drove it from Illinois to Port of New
Jersey. The coach was then shipped to Europe.

We had an interesting trip and you can read more
about this experience in the #477 thread at

Fmcowners.com forum
#477 After the exterior rebuild
Since coach #477 came to Norway friends,
family and I have spent countless hours
restoring it.
By now it has a all new steel floor structure
wheel to wheel,  and a full exterior fiberglass
repair  including new Gel coat finish. The
complete roof has been  redone and improved.
All wiring and plumbing is new point to point
and the interior will be fully rebuilt as close to
original as possible.  

Almost six years in to this project there is still
plenty more to do, but the goal of a totally
rebuilt and improved yet very original looking
FMC Motorcoach is within reach.

Hundreds of project updates and pictures at
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